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Your home for everything from Vintage Set Collecting to Low, Mid and Even High-End Sports Cards. We are in the infancy stage of getting this fun little website off the ground, so stick around, it will be fun. Most Sites you go to allow you to just purchase a  particular card, or perhaps sell what you no longer want or need. RBI Cards is going to mix that up. You can still contact us if you would like to purchase or sell something, but you can also send us trade offers via the form service we supply. Been looking for a particular card but dont want to drop the funds on it right now? No problem, send us a trade offer with a link to what you might have available and we will try our best to work something out. 

We also deal in Video Games!!! Want to sell something so you can purchase a new game? 

Make sure you sign up, it will really help reach out to the community and get everyone something they really enjoy.  


Inventory changes frequently around here, so if there

is something you are looking for, just feel free to

email me and I will personally keep a look out for


Need to get rid of some video games or sports cards? Drop me a list and i will let you know what i could use. If you have a price already in mind (as most of you will), send that as well so we have a starting point for working a deal.   

Have any Mid-High End Sports Cards or Lots from Trading Card Games (ex. Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic, Force of Will) you want to sell? Just drop me an email and maybe we can work out a deal!  




 Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!!!

 Email: [email protected]







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